John's Arcane Mechanik

A very rare trollkin Arcane Mechanik.


Working as a day guard at Buzzby’s Bits-and-Bobs Mechanik Shop, he grew bored with the daily routine of standing in one place and looking menacing at anyone who put their hands too near the merchandise or argued over the price of repairs. So, being a very bright trollkin, he began to pay attention to the lessons being taught to the apprentices.

It didn’t take long for him to realize that A; these kids were never going to get this stuff, and B; he was. It wasn’t long before his patience with a particular apprentice named Norbert wore thin and during one routine repair assignment, he bellowed at the cringing human not to make the same mistake he’d made many times previously. The apprentice was outraged that mere hired muscle, and a trollkin at that, would have the gall to second guess him on matters mechanikal. The master was within earshot, however, and asked the trollkin what he would do in the apprentice’s place. After outlining the proper technique and the correct tool to use for the repair, a radically different and much more correct approach than what the apprentice was about to attempt, the master decided he could use one more apprentice in the shop…and one less.

John's Arcane Mechanik

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